Human Rights Defenders and security

The Human Rights Defenders and Security programme of Justice and Peace supports Human Rights Defend­ers all over the world through the following projects:

  • Shelter City, in which Human Rights Defenders are temporarily relocated in The Netherlands for 3 months, gaining new knowledge, energy, and expand their network.
  • The Hague Training Course, in which Human Rights Defenders get 1 week training on a.o. (digital) security mechanisms, networking, reporting human rights abuses and policy influencing skills.


The migration programme of Justice and Peace is mainly focused on justice and security concerning the reception of refugees in The Netherlands. The migration program consists of the following projects:

  • Immigration detention, Justice and Peace gives advice and publishes reports to inform the Dutch government. Justice and Peace is regularly in discussion with politicians, policymakers and organizations to stimulate a humane treatment of migrants.
  • Made Real, a European research project concerning the theory and practise of alternatives to immigration detention. Justice and Peace provides workshops based on the results of this research project to relevant groups (such as lawyers, judges, policymakers and civil society organizations).
  • From apathy to solidarity, Justice and Peace will conduct research in the field of ‘alternatives to detention’ and ‘safe passage’. This information will be used to develop material to inform the public about the facts and statistics of migration; furthermore, it will be used to lobby at the national and European level for a more positive and hospitable attitude in society and politics and a humane asylum and migration policy.