Human Rights Defenders and security

The Human Rights Defenders and Security programme of Justice and Peace supports Human Rights Defend­ers all over the world through the following projects:

  • Shelter City, in which Human Rights Defenders are temporarily relocated in The Netherlands for 3 months, gaining new knowledge, energy, and expand their network.
  • The Hague Training Course, in which Human Rights Defenders get a 10 days training on a.o. holistic security, networking, reporting human rights abuses and policy influencing skills.



With the migration programme, Justice and Peace is committed to the fair treatment and protection of asylum seekers, refugees and unidentified people. In doing so, we join the countless local solidarity initiatives that support them, new and longer existing. Strengthening local power and lobbying in national and European politics is the starting point of the Justice and Peace migration program. The migration program consists of the following pillars:

  • Welcome Here is a national network and a series of local festivals in cities and regions throughout the Netherlands. Together with local partners, we constantly bring together hundreds of residents, refugees, initiatives and organizations. Thus we work on the power of diversity and local solidarity.
  • De Haagse Huiskamer is a joint project with STEK. It provides a creative platform for people who want to work together in a city where all the residents feel at home. Co-creation meetings and activities bring people together. Thus we work together to create a resilient city.
  • With a human dimension in Dutch policy we focus on a change in Dutch asylum and xenophobia based on human dignity.
  • At European level, we call for a uniform European policy with a human rights perspective, with solidarity and protection of asylum seekers, refugees and undocumented rights as a starting point