28 August 2017

Shelter City cities welcome 10 new human rights defenders

We are all human rights defenders

From September to December, the Shelter Cities will welcome 10 new guests to participate in the temporary relocation programme for human rights defenders. The participants come from Mali, Pakistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, Nicaragua, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand and Russia. Follow the website www.sheltercity.nl for more news.

Film portrait of Karen, human rights advocate from Honduras

Before the summer period, Karen from Honduras was a guest at Shelter City Amsterdam. Karen has been a human rights advocate since 2007 and is committed to defending women's rights. In addition, Karen works with young feminists and focuses on the decriminalization of abortion. More lawyers are murdered in Honduras than in any other country in the world. Like many of her colleagues, Karen has received death threats and faces intimidation. Yet she continues with her work because she believes that Honduran women, like in the Netherlands, are entitled to equal rights and safety.

Filmmakers Paula Vonhof and Lotte Konijn made this beautiful film portrait of her.

Follow www.sheltercity.nl for more information about the Shelter City guests.