26 February 2018

Justice and Peace Netherlands supports joint NGO response to the draft Copenhagen Declaration

More than 25 organisations have published their reaction on the draft of the Copenhagen Declaration, that puts new restrictions on the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights.

If approved, the Copenhagen Declaration will affect the judicial power of the European Court for Human Rights, with particular effect to issues of asylum and migration.

Last week, over 25 international organisations expressed their reaction on the proposal for the Copenhagen Declaration, presented by the Danish Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers on 5 February 2018. The proposal would curtail the juridical powers of the European Court for Human Rights, among others on the terrain of asylum and migration.

According to the new proposal, the Court would only be allowed to rule on migration-cases “in the most exceptional circumstances”.

“The proposal means that there will be a higher threshold for refugees to be able to get their case assessed by the European Court. This interferes with the Court’s task to independently interpret the Convention rights and develop its case-law. Especially in the context of migration, in which protection of the fundamental rights are on stake, we consider that to be unacceptable.” - Maaike Graaff, Programme Coordinator Migration & Human Rights, Justice and Peace Netherlands

Together with more than 25 other organisations, we offer our commentary and proposals on the draft Copenhagen Declaration to ensure and preserve the independence of the European Court of Human Rights.

Read the full text of the joint reaction here.