27 October 2017

Exhibition Shrinking Space in Het Nutshuis Den Haag

13 November - 10 December 2017

From 13 November to 10 December, Justice and Peace is organizing the exhibition SHRINKING SPACE in Het Nutshuis in The Hague. The exhibition consists of an installation for the thousands of people who disappear every year in Mexico and a photo series about (self) censorship in the Russian art world. The official opening was on Monday, November 13th.

SHRINKING SPACE is the 2nd in our series of annual #WeAreAllHumanRightsDefenders exhibitions. This year we worked with the SMX Collective and Russian photographer Nadezhda Titova. The Nutshuis, Fonds1818 and the Royal Academy of Art The Hague made the exhibition possible.

Visit the public events surrounding the exhibition, such as one of the film screenings with guided tours by a human rights defender, Kamera Kultura interview, or The Freedom Lexture on December 10th. (see below this article for details)

In many countries around the world, there is less and less space for human rights and human rights defenders. Inequality and repression is rampant, policies more restrictive, and tactics to silence civil society have become increasingly brazen. SHRINKING SPACE gives a voice to people who stand up for the freedom and rights of others. 

FOOTPRINTS OF MEMORY - Searching for Mexico's disappeared
Artist: Colectivo Huellas de la Memoria 

What would you do if your family suddenly disappeared without a trace?

With the installation, Footprints of Memory: Searching for Mexico's Disappeared, SMX Collective sheds light on the thousands of people who disappear in Mexico and Latin America every year. Artists from Colectivo Huellas de la Memoria engraved the stories of people looking for their missing relatives on the soles of their shoes as a testimony of their endless search, hindered by a system of resistance and impunity.

“First you lose your right to freedom.
Then your right to life.
And then you even lose your right to an identity, buried in a clandestine grave! This is totally inhumane and extremely perverse.” (Lucia, human rights defender working on enforced disappearances in Mexico)

INOFFENSIVE ART - self censorship in Russian art
Artist: Nadezhda Titova

What would you do if you don’t know what you’re allowed to do?

With her latest project, Inoffensive Art, Russian photographer Nadezhda Titova illustrates how artists in Russia are hindered in their capacity to criticise society and express themselves through art, film or theatre. In fear of retribution or attack, they must set boundaries for themselves. 

“Unfortunately, any form of criticism towards the Russian government requires bravery.” (Nadezhda Titova)


Monday 13 November - at 16:00
Official opening exhibition

With: presentations by SMX Collective, artist Nadezhda Titova, human rights defender Lucia from Mexico and human rights lawyer Maria from Russia. Both human rights defenders are participants of the Dutch Shelter City programme for worldwide human rights defenders under threat, an initiative of Justice and Peace. 

Wednesday 22 November - at 20:00 
Film screening TEMPESTAD (Mexico) with presentation and guided tour

With: presentation and tour by human rights defender Lucia from Mexico. (Lucia founded a civil organisation consisting of 100 relatives of disappeared persons with the objective to contribute to the fulfilment of the rights to truth and justice for disappeared persons.) 

Sunday 26 November - at 11:00 
Kamera Kultura (Conversation/interview (Lucia)

With: Jellie Brouwer and Lucia. Entrance: €10,-.
By: Het Nutshuis. More information

Wednesday 29 November - at 20:00
Film screening Everybody Dies But Me (Russia) with presentation and guided tour

With: presenation and tour by human rights lawyer Maria from Russia.  Maria provides Russian NGOs with legal support, conducts classes on human rights legislation for lawyers. she is the first participant to take part in the Shelter City legal Fellowship programme for human rights defenders at the T.M.C. Asser Institute in The Hague. 

Sunday 10 December - at 20:00
Liberty Lecture by Anabel Hernández.

By: Het Nutshuis together with SMX Collective and De Balie. Entrance: €10,-. 
More information