Welkom Nederland

As part of Welkom Nederland, Justice and Peace works on highlighting the many positive reactions and initiatives currently existing for the care, support and guidance of asylum seekers and refugees in the Netherlands.

We tell the local story that still receives little public attention: the story of the thousands of volunteers, information events and other initiatives that bring citizens and refugees together. Read more about this in the fact sheet Welkom Nederland.

Welkom Hier

The arrival of asylum seekers, refugees and irregular migrants to Europe and the Netherlands has tested the willingness of nations and communities to work together in our collective, human interest. Prospects for dialogue as to how to approach the situation in the most positive, effective way have been diminished by anxieties and opposition. By organizing regional-level Welkom Hier events, Justice and Peace offers space for the community to get interested and engage with the issue and the people it involves. Local and regional citizens' initiatives for refugees take part; people can get informed and everyone can share their experiences on the issue – from newcomers to this country to those born and raised here. 

On February 7, 2016, the first Welkom Hier event took place in The Hague, in cooperation with Fonds 1818, the Human Security Collective and Nutshuis. More than 750 people attended the event., which included an information and initiative market, space for conversation, performances and expert presentations on how we can deal with the arrival of asylum seekers in our areas. The success of this first event was followed by the Welkom Hier Bevrijdingsfestival, again in The Hague, on 05 May, and Welkom Hier Delft on 17 September. Plans for more Welkom Hier events across the country are always underway! 

  • Visit www.welkomhier.nl for more information and impressions on the expositions.
  • Watch the report from Welkom Hier Delft.

Organize a Welkom Hier event in your area?  Welkom Hier aims to encourage education and dialogue on the movements of population fleeing violent conflict, natural disaster or other hardships, to counteract polarization. Let’s hear the sound of this positive dialogue in more places in the Netherlands. Would you like to organise a Welkom Hier or a similar event in your area? Contact: l.van.zantvoort [at] justiceandpeace.nl.

Information and education programme Migration and Human Rights

With its information and education program on migration and human rights designed for high schools and universities in the Shelter Cities (and elsewhere, wherever possible), Justice and Peace engages students in dialogue and debate on the arrival of asylum seekers, refugees and irregular migrants in Europe, the Netherlands and their immediate surroundings with a view to promoting an informed, balanced view of the subject.

Do you want to invite Justice and Peace to your school to talk about migration and human rights? Please contact maaike.graaff [at] justiceandpeace.nl.