People-Oriented Dutch policy

Justice and Peace advocates for the return of the human dimension to Dutch immigration laws and policies, expanding our research into areas such as alternatives to administrative detention for asylum seekers, refugees and irregular immigrants (on which we have published different reports: “Humaniteit in vreemdelingenbewaring Onderzoeksrapport en Samenvattend rapport, 2010,” and “Alternatieven voor vreemdelingenbewaring in Nederland, 2012 and Made Real, 2015”), 

Together with other civil society organizations and faith-based groups Justice and Peace regularly calls on the Dutch government to conduct a human dimension-based review of its asylum policy and implementation. We work with various national lobbying coalitions such as the “Breed Mensenrechtenoverleg” (BMO) and "Aan de slag".

More information? Contact Maaike Graaff, Maaike.Graaff [at] justiceandpeace.nl, Program Officer.