European policy with a human rights perspective

The protection, care and support of asylum seekers, refugees and irregular migrants is a challenge across Europe; we therefore believe that an appropriate response to migration issues should come from Europe.

Only a uniform European policy can ensure that refugees and irregular migrants are protected, cared for and supported humanely. At European level our advocacy efforts focus on providing for safe passage and alternatives to administrative detention. See our fact sheets “Safe Passage” and “Alternatives to immigration and (border) detention”. Justice and Peace closely follows European political decisions and we regularly recommend, as a member of EPAM and the European Justice and Peace Network, to improve the European asylum regime. 

On September 28, 2016, Justice and Peace organized the expert meeting ‘Safe Passage to Europe’ at the European Parliament. During the event, two Justice and Peace publications were presented.

-           Report “Building Bridges Instead of Higher Walls. Refugees Arriving in Europe: Human Rights and Security” 

-           Justice and Peace Factsheet “The arrival of refugees in Europe: Human rights and security”