The irregular movement of population to Europe and the Netherlands has become a major political and social issue across this part of the world, affecting asylum seekers, refugees and irregular migrants of all ages. Their right to a safe, dignified existence is under threat not only in their country of origin, but here as well..

Justice and Peace’s Migration Programme is committed to ensuring and advocating for the fair treatment and protection of asylum seekers, refugees and irregular migrants, working at all levels from strengthening local capacities to informing and influencing national and European policies. 

The Migration Programme  consists of three pillars: Welkom Nederland is a cluster of activities aimed at building support for an informed debate about asylum seekers, refugees and forced migration in the Netherlands. The "Welkom Hier" events and information fairs, as well as our education program on human rights and migration are part of this pillar. Regarding Dutch Policy, we focus on building support for people-oriented revisions to the Dutch asylum and immigration policies, based on human rights, hospitality and solidarity. At European level, we advocate a single human rights-based policy, and for asylum seekers, refugees and irregular migrants.

We regularly write blogs expressing our  views on the current migration situation affecting Europe and the Netherlands. Read our BLOGs here.