Periodic gifts (deductible)

Any gifts you may deduct may be deducted from your income tax or corporate income tax return. This applies, for example, to periodic gifts (from 5 years). If your periodic gift meets a number of conditions, you can deduct it from your income tax return. Do you want to support Justice and Peace for 5 years or more? Then fill in this written agreement with us. For more information, see the Tax Administration website (in Dutch).

Legacy to Justice and Peace

With a legacy of Justice and Peace, you can also support human rights (defenders) after your death. This is tax-free and you can arrange it with the notary. For more information, visit the website Goededoelen.nl (in Dutch).

Find out more about what Justice and Peace does in the Netherlands with your donation? See the Annual Financial Report: part I & part II.


Justice and Peace The Netherlands is a Public Benefit Organization (ANBI).

Every individual can make a change. No matter your age, gender, beliefs, education, profession, social situation or background. It doesn’t matter at what scale. You are a potential change maker, willing to help others. We are all human rights defenders.