Human rights defenders & security

The Hague Training Course for Human Rights Defenders on Security

The ‘The Hague Training Course’ (THTC) is a project that arises from the Shelter City Initiative. The annual number of applications for Shelter City is high, but only a few people per year can be placed. For this reason, Justice and Peace have set up the THTC to offer an alternative program for the many Human Rights Defenders that are in need of deepening their knowledge, their skills and their international network to continue their work.

The need for a training course of this nature is motivated by increasing legislative restrictions in many parts of the world as well as physical and digital threats faced by Human Rights Defenders. Essentially, the aim is to enable these activists a stronger platform from which to continue their courageous and important work. 


"To be honest I am so inspired by this training tool  which has not only  impacted my work but has changed attitude and thoughts of many here. Justice and Peace is a huge source which provides valuable opportunity for HRDs and especially has moved me further ahead." (Shamin, a Pakistani women’s rights defender)


The Training Course is specifically designed for Human Rights Defenders that are working on different issues all over the world. Each year, at least 40 persons are invited to The Hague to participate in two one-week programs which, in turn, consists of different modules. For instance, one module focuses on protection mechanisms, while others on the application of digital safety tools and on making a risk assessment. Furthermore, much attention is paid to practicing advocacy and policy influencing skills.

In this intensive 10 days training the participants are trained by experts of Justice and Peace and other civil society members, alongside semi-governmental organisations in The Hague that join us in the effectuation of the Training Course.

More info? Contact Manon Muti, thtc[at], Programme Officer.