Our results

Justice and Peace believes in practical solutions for human rights violations.

We use various methods to train and support human rights defenders (HRDs). We inform policy makers and insist on sustainable solutions in the national and international fora.

Human rights defenders are central to this approach. They are both the receiver of and the inspiration for the activities of Justice and Peace. The reality is that HRDs are able to change the world. Justice and Peace believe that real sustainable improvement in the field of human rights begins with them.

This also means that we evaluate our activities related to HRDs constantly and integrate lessons learned in our future work. Think, for example, of the increased importance of digital security of HRDs or business and trade agreements that play an important role in the promotion of human rights.

This approach has resulted in the following results:

  • Since 2012 the Shelter City Netherlands Initiative provides protection for human rights defenders who are threatened. 8 HRDs have been temporarily housed in The Hague and Middelburg. From 2015 several other Dutch cities are joining, including Maastricht, Nijmegen and Utrecht.
  • The Connect2Protect project links human rights defenders one-on-one with (European) parliamentarians, lawyers, and other professionals, so that their work becomes better known and they will be better protected. In 2015, there are already 14 couples in regular contact with each other.
  • The 'The Hague Training Course' (THTC) provides HRDs with increased knowledge in the field of (digital) security, advocacy and assistance in extending their international networks. The first training course with 20 participants from 20 different countries took place in December 2014. In 2015, two new THTC’s are planned.
  • Since the first Universal Periodic Review in 2008 Justice and Peace supports partners in submitting shadow reports. Justice and Peace has worked on reports for the Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, Indonesia, Netherlands, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda.
  • Justice and Peace assists its partners during their lobbies in Geneva, Brussels and The Hague. This gives them the opportunity to make their concerns known and to influence policy.
  • Justice and Peace also regularly conducts research, such as: Alternatives for Detention of migrants, economic and social rights of Roma, violence against women in the DRC.
  • Since the creation of Justice and Peace, capacity building and training have formed a large part of the organisation’s activities. These take place worldwide with regard to the operation of UN protection mechanisms, influencing policy at local, national and international level, digital security and community mapping.

If you want to know more about our work and what we achieve, please contact our staff. Our team can tell you more about our goals, our drive and can demonstrate to you that human rights are more important today than ever before!