The Foundation Justice and Peace Netherlands (Justitia et Pax Nederland) is a foundation under civil law. It is responsible for finance and personnel, and oversees the preparation and implementation of activities of the organisation. The foundation has a board consisting of five members, as well as an Advisory Board (the Commission). The Commission is a platform of representatives of Catholic organisations and sectors and independent advisors in the field of human rights and social justice.

Foundation Justice and Peace Nederland


  • Drs. Jan Henneman (Chairman)
  • Drs. Piet Kuijper, (vice-chairman)
  • Mr. Herman van der Laan (treasurer)
  • Mrs. mr. Monique Frank, member
  • Mr. Kees van Kortenhof, member


  • Mr. mr. Sebastiaan van der Zwaan, L.l.m.

Advisory board (Commissie Justitia et Pax)

  • Drs. Jan Henneman (Chairman)
  • Drs. Piet Kuijper, (vice-chairman)


  • Mr. Tom Claessens (Mensen met een Missie)
  • Mr. Simon Brussel, on personal capacity
  • Mrs. mr. Monique Frank, on personal capacity
  • Drs. Miranda Iping (KRO)
  • Mr. Kees van Kortenhof (CNV)
  • Ir. Edwin Ruigrok (PAX)
  • Drs. Erik Sengers
  • p. F. Thoolen SMA


  • Prof. Yvonne Donders
  • Drs. Jakob de Jonge
  • Prof. Kees Kouwenaar
  • Mr. Herman van der Laan
  • Prof. Dr. Fons Coomans