About us

For more than forty-five years Justice and Peace Netherlands has actively promoted respect for human rights, human dignity, solidarity and social justice all over the world. Justice and Peace’s approach is to link knowledge and expertise of our partners with a rights-based approach.

Our partners are human rights defenders or organisations, religious leaders, institutions or change makers working for local and national authorities or companies.

We support human rights defenders at the grassroots level with the Shelter City network and the The Hague Training Course for Human Rights Defenders on Security (THTC). We are also dedicated to an equitable treatment and protection of refugees, for example with our Welkom Hier programme. This grassroots work is the basis for policy influencing activities which we carry out at the United Nations (UN), the European Union (EU) and towards national and local authorities.

Justice and Peace Netherlands is an organisation with Special Consultative Status at the United Nations (UN), has participatory status within the Council of Europe and is a member of the Human Rights and Democracy network (EU level).

Our vision

Every person has a right to a dignified life. Irrespective of religion, belief, political opinion, race, gender, sexual orientation or marital status. Justice and Peace strives for a just and sustainable world. A world where people are protected by universal human rights and a fairer distribution of wealth and equality of opportunity is ensured.