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“The women in Afghanistan are the most vulnerable women in the world.” (Shelter City candidate Benafsha)

Manifestation Welcome Here: Refugees, local initiatives, debate

Portraits of participants of our security training in Georgia

Our work summarized in an animation

Animation about our work

“The saddest tragedy of Africa is its betrayal by its own leaders.” (Shelter City candidate Nkosie)

The Hague Training Course for Human Rights Defenders on Security - short documentary

Groups portret of the participants of THTC june 2015 - Strobe pictures

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Choqués et profondément émus

#Nice attack

We're shocked and deeply moved - Nous sommes choqués et profondémen...

Messages from our network of human rights defenders

How are Guleid and Nkosie?

We keep in touch with all the human rights defenders who participat...

Social media, a force for good in this world?

BLOG from a participant of our security training course for human rights defenders

The sky grew darker over The Hague. It was going to rain. We needed...

Human rights defenders & security

Shelter City Initiative

Shelter City is a national initiative of Justice and Peace in collaboration with Dutch cities, focusing...

The Hague Training Course

The ‘The Hague Training Course’ (THTC) is a project that arises from the Shelter City Initiative. The...


From apathy to solidarity

This program pursues the just treatment and protection of refugees and migrants.

Made Real

The Made Real project is a European project initiated by the Odysseus Network, a network of academics who...

Immigration detention

Justice and Peace has been focusing on refugee and migration issues for many years, predominantly exploring...

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